Pulse Check

Pulse Check is an industry-leading solution for understanding the "pulse" of a burning issue in your organization. It's an interactive diagnostic application and a proprietary benchmark against your peer organizations.


Diagnose Knowledge Gaps

Designed with advanced learning and game mechanics, Pulse Check begins by challenging the user to beat the current high score. The diagnostic ensures a unique user experience for your employees and is completed in less than 5 minutes.

  • Diagnose cyber knowledge gaps with an immersive five minute tool featuring three engaging, 90 second activities
  • Emphasize the importance of cybersecurity and drive behavioral and cultural change
  • Analyze performance with data-drive insights that identify knowledge gaps and inform strategic training plans

Identify Risks

Many companies fail to protect themselves against employee misconduct because they aren’t able to identify the specific actions their employees are taking that expose the organization to risk.
Our analytics help you:

  • Measure overall company performance against cybersecurity best practices and the True Office Learning benchmark
  • Pinpoint risk hot-spots with detailed insights around Personal Conduct, Internal Controls, and Incident Response
  • Identify training opportunities using behavior intelligence that shows strengths and areas for improvement

Get: Sample Analytics Reports

Sample Analytics Reports

Pulse Check Analytics Reports

Pulse Check provides advanced insights into behavior risk with comparative benchmarks and behavioral metrics.

See Toolkit: Building a Culture of Cyber-Competence

See Toolkit:
Building a Culture of Cyber-Competence

Build a Culture of Cyber-Competence

Pulse Cybersecurity Competency Toolkit is an integrated solution for building a culture of cyber-competence.