Pulse Solution

Pulse is an interactive learning and analytics solution that provides behavioral data and insights needed to measure the real return on compliance training investments, and identify and proactively address critical risks.

Why Pulse?

Pulse's innovative use of advanced learning methods, game mechanics, and positive motivational techniques provides an authentic learning experience, brings dry business content ‘to life’, and creates a culture of compliance.

  • Adaptive learning technology optimizes time spent on training and ensures each employee achieves 100% proficiency
  • Quantitative learning metrics measure organizational competency, culture, and ROI
  • Rapid, modular courseware development with seamless integration to existing LMS workflow and quick content refreshes
  • Flexible "off-the-shelf" courseware designed for comparative benchmarking and simple customizations


Pulse Analytics

How do you prove compliance training effectiveness and measure risk avoidance as regulatory scrutiny and business pressures continue to rise? Pulse Analytics has collected more than 2 million employee datapoints to help you benchmark your employee decisions in critical compliance areas.


Modular Training

Pulse Modular training enables organizations to train employees on more topics in less time by selecting the topics that matter most. Choose from a variety of topics to quickly create a course that covers the 3-5 key risk areas specific to your organization.


Role-Based Adaptive Learning

What if you could target your most relevant training concepts to your employees without the arduous task of rolling out multiple courses? The Pulse Role-Based Adaptive Learning feature tailors course content based on the employee's self-selected demographics… all without the hassle of maintaining multiple courses on the same topic to meet the needs of various audiences.


Pulse Offline Mode

The Pulse Solution is accessible through online play, electronic download or CD-ROM, making it easy to deliver a consistent experience for both online learners and "offline" learners with limited workstations, lack of internet connectivity, and/or low literacy levels. Pulse offers a facilitated interactive learning and analytics experience with consistent, easy to follow facilitation methodology that fosters critical thinking and ensures knowledge retention, while capturing real-time quantitative group learning metrics to measure competency, culture and ROI.